Why Bother With Reading Comprehension?

Some parents wonder whether it is worth the time and effort to make a student read a text and answer questions about it. Likewise, some students do not find answering ‘reading comprehension’ questions very interesting. Why not do a crossword or make a drawing

In The Kitchen

No parent or student should underestimate the importance of a healthy, balanced diet to successful schooling. Anyone who has tried to think – especially to learn something new – on an empty stomach, or with inadequate vitamins and minerals coursing through their veins, knows

Teaching Kids about the 2016 Election

It’s true. The 2016 election is pretty much a minefield.  No matter which way you lean, you’re going to run into people with strong feelings in the other direction.  This election year is shaping up to be one of the most volatile in memorable

4 Resources For Planning a Solar System Unit Study

Are you looking to plan a unit study on the solar system, but aren’t sure where to start?  Don’t worry!  You’re not alone.  Unit studies are a very popular method of homeschooling, but they do take some time to plan.  Let us take the

Colouring – Good For You At Any Age!

Colouring is an activity that countless young children have performed in the course of their schooling. Only recently, however, has it gained particular attention as being beneficial for people of all ages. Whether the colourer is a young child learning to hold their pencil