Summer School

Homeschoolers can be as flexible as they choose when it comes to schedules. If you live in a part of the world with a distinct hot season, you likely take time off during that time of year. However, appealing as it may be to

Behind the Scenes of the Declaration of Independence

The Fourth of July.  America’s national holiday.  Parades, picnics, flags waving, and fireworks mark this day as special.  Many people know that the Fourth is our nation’s birthday, that on this day in 1776 we became a new country, separated from Great Britain by

How to Teach Vowel Sounds so Kids Will Remember

  Short Vowel Sounds are a Common Weakness for Struggling Readers One weakness shared by most of the struggling readers was in identifying short vowel sounds in words. My students had a hard time memorizing word spellings, and because they were very weak on vowel

How Late Should Teens Sleep on a Homeschool Day?

“Wake up! You don’t want to sleep the day away!” I chided the lump in my teenager’s bed. There was no response, only a muffled groan. My idea of morning and Shine’s idea of morning are two completely different things. In Shine’s world, waking up

Top Ten Science Exploration Tools for Your Homeschool

We asked what you think are the best science tools for a homeschool family, and here are your suggestions. If you don’t have all of these, start collecting them slowly as money allows. Keep your eyes open at discount stores, homeschool sales, and yard